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02/08/13 01:15 PM #1    

Brad Wheeless

Welcome to the MacArthur High School Class Of 1973 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/11/13 04:42 PM #2    

Penny Goodman (Adkerson)

DOes anyone know where Debbie Stokes and Debi Walden Are.

10/13/13 08:39 PM #3    

Penny Goodman (Adkerson)

looked up Garry Muenchow last lived in La Vernia tx


10/19/13 12:17 PM #4    

Deborah Garza (Shanley)

In response to David Schneider's question -

'Mac plays Lee at Heros Stadium the night before the reunion.  Would anyone be interested in going?????'

I think it would be fun! Any others feel the same?



10/27/13 01:31 PM #5    

Randa Bond (Cheatle)

Thank you Brad and Kay for getting us all together for the 40th reunion!!! Appreciate all the hard work.  It was great seeing everyone again!!!  



10/28/13 09:47 AM #6    

Jana Hart (Viator)

What a great night!!! Thank you Brad & Kay for putting this together....Can't wait for the next get together!!!  It was wonderful to see everyone and catch up...if anyone is on Facebook look me up I would love to keep in touch.

10/28/13 10:00 AM #7    


Rebecca Davis (McBride)

Sounds like a great time had by all! Sorry to have had to miss. Plan to attend the next. Thanks for all the work in planning this and keeping the website active. 

10/28/13 10:14 PM #8    

Susan Flaggert (LeLaurin)

Thanks Brad and Kay for lots of hard work to get it together for the 40th. It was very fun and then there was the part at the end where I was dancing on my way out of the door. Could we please get those pictures that Pat Kelly was taking and dispose of them. LOL. But really, I would like it get in touch with Pat about those pictures. May I have his email? 

Thanks again for a great time!!



10/29/13 10:43 AM #9    

Terri Bratton

Yes .. Thanks Brad and Kay. It was great fun. I have been so disconnected since taking off to college early, so it really made my heart happy to see so many people I knew in my youth and hope to see more of now that i am back in San Antonio. Ya'll did a great job

10/30/13 09:22 AM #10    

Randy Bartlett (Bartlett)

Hi everyone,

Sorry I was unable to attend. It would have been great to see all of you old geezers. The reason for my abscence is that I am a newlywed and I was in the process of moving out of San Antonio to Victoria. Maybe next time. See you all in 10 years. 



11/03/13 10:15 AM #11    


Kathi Fountain (Boss)

Dear Brad and Kay,

Thanks so much for all of your efforts in making our HS reunion so fun!!! I had a balast and it was so great to recoonect with old friends again!  Thanks so much!! KathyB


11/19/13 10:16 PM #12    

Phillip Czar

It was sure good to see everyone! I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around it being a 40 year reunion... wow! Damn good thing we're not getting old! Look forward to seeing y'all again sometime next Summer. I heard Becky Thielman O'Brien is planning a get together out at her Hill Country Restuarant and Bar 'O'Briens" in Bergheim just 10 miles East of Boerne on Hwy 46. Hope to see everyone then! No pressure Becky...

Phillip Czar

11/27/13 09:34 AM #13    


Sandy Kramer (Eskridge)

I just saw the pictures from the reunion and ALL of the smiling faces!! You guys look fantastic!!!

What a great time and I'm so sorry I missed it. Hugs to all. Sandy (Kramer) Martin

11/27/13 12:00 PM #14    


Janis Ledbetter fun to see the reunion pictures! Thanks so much for sharing! ♥!

11/27/13 02:38 PM #15    

Arleen Ann Arquette (Peters)

Thank you for sharing those pics.  It was great to see all the familiar faces and wish I could be there!

11/28/13 03:06 PM #16    


Hank Teuton (Teuton)

Happy Thanksgiving
What great pictures!  I especially like the big smile on my old friend Clyde Jenkin's face.  I wish I could have been there with you guys.
As we enjoy this day of gratitude, we are mindful that "His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who has called us by His own glory and goodness."
God bless you richly as you honor Him with the thanks and honor due Him.

11/28/13 09:01 PM #17    


Mariviv Krempel (Scrogin)

Wonderful pictures of the reunion!  It was great to see so many faces from high school days.  Sorry I couldn't make the reunion this time.  Thanks so much for sharing!   Mariviv Krempel Scrogin

11/29/13 10:49 AM #18    


Michael Moore

Wow!!!! What a great time and being able to reopen the doors of old friendship was a true blessing. Had a couple of soldiers over for Thanksgiving yesterday along with my family and friends. What a great day. See you soon. 

08/25/14 08:56 AM #19    

Lisa Barton (Iltis)

What a great time at O'Brien's on Saturday.  It was such fun to visit with everyone!  A huge THANK YOU to Becky for providing the place, the band, the appetizers and to Brad for posting the invite & coordinating the event!  Hope more people come next year!


09/06/14 11:01 AM #20    


Rebecca Davis (McBride)

The get together at Becky's was a lot of fun! sorry I have missed the prior reunions, but plan to attend the future ones. Thanks Becky for opening your restaurant and being so welcoming, especially to one of us you haven't seen in 40+ years!!

Becky Davis McBride

01/13/21 12:34 PM #21    


David Young

Hi my old friends (yes we are all getting up there!),

We are going through some very strange times.  I had been working on this video for months with some urgency.  I posted it on Jan 5, the day before the insurrection.  Hopefully it might provide a little comfort as we look toward a little normalcy this year.

Charles David (Daisy) Young

01/14/21 02:15 PM #22    


Hank Teuton (Teuton)

A beautiful tribute, David, and great work on the fluglehorn.  We could certainly use a little harmony, unity, peace and cooperation these days. Perhaps your efforts will bring forth a touch of that for our great nation.

I've been working on my own contribution over these last weeks.  I'm building a guitar for an orphanage in Haiti, Children's Hope (  They will raffle it in order to raise some much needed funds.  The orphanage serves about 60 orphans, 600 students (three hundred of whom get their only meal at the school each day) and hosts a clinic for the comunity of Jacmel.

01/14/21 10:48 PM #23    

Charles Volz

Great job Hank! I am proud to know you!

07/20/21 10:32 PM #24    

Robert Patterson

Hank , that is beautiful. Great job.

Bob Patterson

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